Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our thanksgiving lunch! Delicioso!

Chiqui thought my Trix were very funny and childish...thanks to now having a supermarket I was able to find some "gringo" stuff like this.

Global Leadership Summit - Lima, Peru

The seven of us were truly blessed to be a part of the Global Leadership Summit in Lima. It was one of the best leadership conferences we have ever been a part of and it encourage us as a group to move forward and build up our leaders to form great teams.
"I gave him an offer he couldn't refuse!"

Jail break!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

2001 Flashback

We took a little detour on our way back to the park where we were to meet as a group during the retreat in Ticaco. To my surprise we ran into the house module I built in 2001 on my first mission trip! That year we came up here to build the modules because of the huge earthquake that shook southern Peru just a month earlier. It was an encouraging reminder that though the circumstances seem difficult, God uses everything we lift up to him and does a work of endurance.

Retreat 2010 photos

Retreat 2010 - Tarata/Ticaco

We were blessed to be invited to a retreat with the youth group from Local Central. For me personally it was refreshing to be a part of something and not be in charge and thinking about the responsibilities all the time. To be able to spend time with Chiqui and Matthew, read and pray without any worries in the city, enjoy worship songs, small groups, and a couple messages without having to do anything. It was refreshing!


Some more fun with Matthew! He is spending way too much time with our dog Kobe.

Talent Show

We had our 2nd talent show (or so we call it) and it went very well. This year we only started an hour late and only two groups didn't make it in time. It went well and the youth group got to show off whatever they got and invite some friends to come as well.

If you want to see some videos click here www.youtube.com/user/wt4god98