Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fr$$ $ducation???

We hope that Matthew(5) and Tiana(3) will have the opportunity to study at a university in the United States i(f they decide to go there).  Being US citizens it can be a difficult and tricky situation since they are living and studying abroad.

Each month it costs us over $250 to send our two kids to school.

School supplies for our kids over $500.

But you know what is more difficult and tricky?

Minimum wage full-time job pays $250 a month.

That is a months salary per child.

This is why each donation to the Children's Scholarship Program has been such a blessing to these families.  We have been blessed to see many finish high school and go on to study in trade schools or the university.  Thank you!

Some photos from this year click here

With that being said, we have been notified by Alliance Exchange that they will be dissolving as a NGO.  We will be campaigning to raise over $3,000 each year to continue to give these children the opportunity to receive the education they deserve.

This is a photo of Talia.  She was receiving a scholarship for years, and this year she was accepted into the university to study Psychology.