Saturday, July 18, 2009

AWANA competition

We held our first tri-church AWANA competition. With much pride we in Ciudad Nueva took home the trophy. All the kids and tios that participated had great spirits and energy. People were cheering louder than at a soccer match. There were no fights, just laughs, cheers, and celebration. It was great to see that the other team from Ciudad Nueva that lost cheered their hearts out because the other team from Ciudad Nueva won. They didn't care that they lost and they were happy to see their friends from the church win. A great testament of what God is doing in the children of the churches.

Worship Night

On Friday July 10th the leader of music in the church held a special annual night of worship. It was very beautiful and all three churches came together with the missions team to sing songs of praise to our Lord for hours. It was incredible and many were moved.

Vidal and Sandra's Wedding

Here is Vidal and Sandra at their special wedding day on July 4th...Happy Independence Day.

Vidal and Sadra are long time members in the church and a simple conversation was the only thing needed to talk about why they hadn't had the wedding ceremony yet. It was combination of lack of money and not understanding the importance of marriage in God's eyes.

God is doing amazing things here and we are blessed to be a part. Thank you all for your interest and prayers. You are all a vital part of what we are doing here.


We had a very special service last Sunday. We have been praying, teaching, and discipleing the importance of baptism with the youth group these last few months. In March we were going to have a special trip to the beach and have a few baptisms, but then I tore a ligament in my knee and we didn't have a driver.

Since then we have travelled to Santiago and the US and now we have been back for a few weeks and the number of baptisms jumped up to 7. There are still a couple of teenagers that will be getting baptized in the next couple of months for sure, but here are those from last Sunday.

It was a great day of joy and celebration. Thank God in your prayers for what He is doing here.


The team from Hope Christian Church in Tustin left last night amidst quite a few car problems...but we woke up to a pleasant surprise. But lets begin a few weeks ago.

When we returned from the states I brought back a Hummingbird feeder. There have been a lot of them coming around throughout the days. A few days ago I noticed that there are now a couple of babies that have been visiting us to eat. It is relaxing to sit outside and watch them come and eat and fight over the sugar water.

Well, this morning we woke up to Kobe, our dog, barking and acting kind of weird. At first I though he was playing with someone who might of come up from downstairs. I got up just in case. At the living room window was a hummingbird flying pressed up against it trying to get outside. The good news is he didn't run into it too hard and knock himself out or kill himself like some birds do...but the better news is that since the hummingbirds have grown somewhat used to me being around I was able to walk up and gently cup my hands around him and he didn't resist. So I brought chiqui a little surprise in bed, a hummingbird cupped in my hands.

Then I let him go quickly so he wouldn't get too stressed. Seconds after letting him go I thought, "I probably should have taken a photo." Well I forgot so you will just have to wait until next time to see the photos.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hope Christian

We have a new team here from Tustin who will be presenting Mimes and Puppets to different strategic schools around the churches in order to connect them with the children's and youth programs. Hope Christian comes every year and always prepares great presentations.

Also, the first week they will be doing quite a bit of construction as well in the churches. It will be a very busy couple of weeks and they will be very tired. Please pray for the team and their time here that they will be a light to many children and youth in the neighborhoods through their presentations. Also, that we will be able to connect with many of their parents.

The team will be here until July 17th.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Wedding one in the books

it has been a long week but the wedding is done. it was very fun and a great time to celebrate a beautiful day between angel and casimira. we danced, ate, laughed, and sang.

one down one to go. tomorrow is number 2.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kermit's Last Day

so monday was our day-off and what a day it was...but it all started the night before. we met a couple of gringos from texas and colorado sunday night and we played basketball, soccer, and volleyball with the churches and neighbors. you see, frog smoothies are a typical drink here in tacna. now not everyone drinks them, nor do many even want to try them, but you kind find them in different parts of the city.

9:30am - we met at the plaza and went to the smoothie shop, not your typical Java Juice.

10am - not looking so good. the girl working there doesn't even want to touch the frog, the other guy picked one up and showed it to us but he doesn't know how to peel them...yeah, peel the frogs skin off. but we still have hope because the owner knows how and should be in in a little bit after he recovers from an obvious long night.

11:30am - owner is at the shop and IT'S ON! we all get out our cameras and he picks out the frog. steps into the open door kitchen. grabs the frog by the legs, lifts his arm in the air and brings it down fast and SMACK! the frog is now dead. now begins the peeling process which is also quick. he finally brings it out in the blender (that's how you make smoothies you know) and pours some brown liquid into it, a spoon full of this powder and a spoon full of that powder and let the blending begin.

11:45 - it is served and we are hesitant. the smell is really bad and alfredo, the guy next to me almost pukes. but we man up and get our puke plans ready...where will each of us go just in case. 1...2...3 and we downed it. all four of us and we didn't throw up. a great day off indeed.

it actually wasn't that bad at all. kind of tasted like chocolate milk, but with little blended chunks of kermit and the bottom. and that was Kermit's last day! add him to the list of the latest.