Saturday, July 18, 2009


The team from Hope Christian Church in Tustin left last night amidst quite a few car problems...but we woke up to a pleasant surprise. But lets begin a few weeks ago.

When we returned from the states I brought back a Hummingbird feeder. There have been a lot of them coming around throughout the days. A few days ago I noticed that there are now a couple of babies that have been visiting us to eat. It is relaxing to sit outside and watch them come and eat and fight over the sugar water.

Well, this morning we woke up to Kobe, our dog, barking and acting kind of weird. At first I though he was playing with someone who might of come up from downstairs. I got up just in case. At the living room window was a hummingbird flying pressed up against it trying to get outside. The good news is he didn't run into it too hard and knock himself out or kill himself like some birds do...but the better news is that since the hummingbirds have grown somewhat used to me being around I was able to walk up and gently cup my hands around him and he didn't resist. So I brought chiqui a little surprise in bed, a hummingbird cupped in my hands.

Then I let him go quickly so he wouldn't get too stressed. Seconds after letting him go I thought, "I probably should have taken a photo." Well I forgot so you will just have to wait until next time to see the photos.

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