Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Sabbath

We asked for your prayers and we thank you for them. On September 20th we held a special service to get together as a church and just do what we should be doing, spending good time together. We had a service in the morning and then followed it up with a very good lunch.

After lunch there was a funny moment when a couple of kids from the youth group made a couple machista comments about it being a woman's job to wash the dishes. So we went ahead and made real men of 'em and put them on the dishwashing crew. A great lesson in life for the young guys. Hopefully it sticks with them and they become great helpful and humble husbands in the future.

From there we went down to the park and played volleyball and soccer for a couple hours.

In the end we were all very content to be able to spend the day in community, sharing his Word, sharing quality time, having fun and relaxing. It was a perfect example of a good sabbath day, which just happened to be the text for the day in the Hebrews series we are going through for 7 months.

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