Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Man of Men

You ever have one of those days that make you feel like a man. I spent over half the day fixing little things on the truck (windows, door locks, alarm, etc)...but it was about a half hour during the day that was something special.

I had to drive fast to make it on time. Within a minute of my arrival the sacrifice began. Our little friend above went from a pet to lunch real fast. My reaction was actually none at all. At first it startled me a little, but then it just became an act.

My thoughts went immediately to how the Levites would have had to remind themselves that the sacrifices were holy acts to the Most High. How often do we forget that in our daily lives? How many times do I forget that to give sacrifices and offerings should not become routine for us, but rather something done in love. Then my thoughts go on towards how we do and do and do...and always forget that we are COMMANDED to rest; to take at least one day in the week to restore our energy, restore our family, and restore our hearts and minds with Him.

I can't wait 'til Monday!

ps - if anyone wants any more graphic photos send me an email.

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