Thursday, December 24, 2009

School Supply Store

Edwin and Livia are two of the four people who will be employed through the School Supply store. Here they are happily posing for a photo in the first couple of hours that we opened.

It has finished!!!

Most famously quoted by our savior, but also appropriate today.

I have been at the School Supply store almost every day getting the last details (which the list never seems to end) taken care of so we can open up the school supply store. Well the day has finally come, Christmas eve 2009.

We will officially inaugurate it on Saturday or Sunday, but it is good to go and Edwin has decided that he doesn't want to wait until Saturday or Sunday. He said he wanted to work tonight and tomorrow. He has been there everyday with me at some time or another and he just kept asking when we were going to open.

It is a good way to finish of the year and a good way to prepare myself for Christmas.

It is finished! Now it is time to remember Him who came to finish it all, our Savior Jesucristo!

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