Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vacation's Over

During the month of January I was able to spend most of the month on "vacation" to spend more time with the family and help out as much as possible at the house. Because of the situation with Pastor Tito's wife Patty in 2007 and 2008, I had not taken almost any vacation and was able to accumulate and take the month off. It the end it worked out for the best because now Patty is here in Tacna healthy after a year and a half of cancer treatment and I was able to spend good quality time with Chiqui and Matthew.

But come the January 15th we had a medical team come in and hold clinics in the three churches, helping out hundreds of patients in a week with every type of problem physically and spiritually. We set the clinics up so that while the patients are waiting for the prescription members of the church talk with them and pray with them if they would like. It was a great blessing for the churches and the community. Sadly they left on the 23rd with hopes to see Machu Picchu, but ended up in Cusco right in the middle of the storm the caused the great Inca ruin to be shut down for up to two months. Good news is they didn't miss any flights and no one from the team was injured. But still pray for Cusco, I have heard there are many injuries and some deaths, but also the the ruins bring in $500,000 a day to Peru and this is going to take a big blow to many families that depend on tourism for their income. Pray that this will be a time for the church to be a strong witness to many.

After the medical team left I was able to finish the last days of the month relaxing a little bit while being in the house and helping out...but babies can take it out of you! Little by little I find myself more and more tired each day, the coffee stock is getting lower and lower, and the days seem to mix. But with one little smile from my boy it all makes it worth it.

We are currently hosting a team from Tito and Patty's home church in Chile. They are from the youth group consisting of mostly college age members. The team has so far worked with the children's ministries in all three churches with activities for the children who are currently on summer vacation. Also, they have helped out with the youth group in Ciudad Nueva and this week they are working hard with (doesn't mean Cult), which is the youth group in the mother church in Tacna. With concerts throughout the city, drama skits, and a short show for the children they are getting word out of who our God is and that the church is open for everyone to learn more.

On the last day the team is in Tacna we will be having the final of a mini-soccer tournament. We have mixed the teams with church members and friends and neighbors of the church to try to find another way to get people to open up and receive Christ.

Please pray for the rest of the week the team from Chile will be here. Pray that many will hear, understand, and accept God's salvation. Pray that Tacna will glorify God more each day that we are hear as his light and witnesses.

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