Monday, August 23, 2010

struggling church

We ask for your prayers.

For a couple of years now the members of the church in Ciudad Nueva have been asking to have the service in the morning. We were finally able to do the time change a couple of months ago after confirming that every single member except one wanted the service time in the morning. Since the time change we have drastically dropped down in attendance. After visiting everyone it seems that they didn't really think their decision through and they all want to have the service in the afternoon again.

Moments like these are frustrating but they are helping me to become a better leader. Please pray for the churches in Tacna and for us leaders. Pray that we will be able to come back even stronger than beforehand. Pray that as leaders we will be more sensible to the spirit's guiding whisper.

Also, please pray for Ebel, Brunner, and Maria Jose who are praying about helping us out at the Ciudad Nueva church. They would be a huge answer to our prayers for more support and leaders in such a difficult place to work. Maria is also going to be helping out the children's after-school center next year.

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