Monday, March 28, 2011

Ruben is...

Ruben is 8 years old and lives with his sister and recently single mom. He is very loving and grown on the hearts of many of the tio's here. His mom spoke with me a couple weeks ago about the possibility of lowering the costs of Nuestras Semillas to make it possible for both her children to attend. She loves the idea of the program helping her and her children out, but now she is alone and even though the $14 a month per child is very cheap, it is also very difficult without a regular income.

If anyone would like to support Ruben's family or any other family by fully or partially adopting them for a month(s) or year please send your donation to the address above with an attached not saying "Ridenour Project - Tacna, Peru (Ruben)".

Let us know if you would want anymore information. The cost per child per month is $14. per child per year is $140. If you would like to sponsor the family it is double the donation, $28 a month and $280 for the year.

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