Saturday, April 11, 2015

2-inch Crap Pipe

We discovered a big ol' sewage problem.

These last few weeks we have been doing some work on the church in order to add another classroom for Nuestras Semillas After-school program.  The new and bigger classroom is going to be a huge blessing for the program and also for the children's ministry on the weekends.

But we found a little surprise.

For some reason when the church was being built someone left a 2" sewage pipe a open and then poured the cement floor on top.  So each time there was a lot of water being drained (baptisms, showers, etc) the water would empty itself under our church floor, ruining our electricity, the walls, one of our stages, and more.

Who hasn't had to deal with this one?

We all have a sewage drain our lives.  Some deal with family, some the lack of family.  Some are battling materialism while others barely have enough to get by, if they can.  Some of us are still dealing with mommy and daddy issues.  Instead of fixing the problem most decide to pour cement smiles, new cars, and other false sense of happiness on the surface...all the meanwhile we got all the thoughts, insecurities, anger issues, pride and the list is eternal.

What happens is that we don't deal with our problems and sins and we internalize them?  Little by little, like in our church, the overflow just eats away at the foundation until we can't stand our own weight and we break down.

It usually takes a lot of time, dedication, and eventually some rebuilding.  God hopes to restore us and renew us.  He breaks when he sees all the problems that have happened to us and all the problems we cause in the lives of others.  But in the end he breaks us down to our foundation and puts us back together without all the crap building up inside us.  He tells us to confess our sins, seek forgiveness and forgive, restore ourselves, our family, our relationships.  It seems easier just to pour some dirt and concrete over our relational problems, but the toxins continue to drain inside and we only see small consequences until we totally break.

So He continues to rebuild, restore, and renew.

He loves it, but even more He love us!

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