Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dirty Jobs. Steve Jobs. Moms Jobs.

I admire you Mums!

You have got to be one heck of a woman to pull it off as a mom. 

Sometimes it is easy and the best place in the world.  All the hugs and kisses.  Great conversations with teenagers and even deeper ones with 3 and 5 year-olds.  Game time.  Play time.  Laughing together.

There is a special bond with moms and their children.  You see it in every professional athlete.  You hear it from every child you ask.  Moms are moms and I envy them.

Then there are ALLLLLL the rest of the days.

And moms I do not envy you.  The non-stop yelling and running and spilling and fighting and crying and caring for them.  "Get down", "Slow down", "Put that down"..."Hurry up", "Get up", "Shut Up!!!!" (I know none of you would ever say that!)

It is an exhausting, consuming, stressful, eternal job...and I do not envy you.


there are the good days.  And those days are what make everything worth it.

Now it is time to put. a. period. after. each. word. to. make. it. more. impactful.

With a life so complicated the solution must also be complicated.  AND WE LOVE YOU MOMS!

May your day be spent full of running, yelling, fighting, pulling, screaming...and hugging, kissing, laughing, playing, smiling, and joy!

Happy mothers day!

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