Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kobe, the circus dog

you learn something new it wasn't anything deep or profound, but definitely something fun for the day. Here in Peru you have to put your flag up on national holidays and today is Tacna's independence day. Though it isn't national, we have to put the flags up for 3 days. So I climbed up the ladder onto the roof to place the colored piece of cloth on high and as I was coming downour dog Kobe starts running around the ladder because he sees me. When I was almost all the way down, a few rungs from the bottom, he stood up on the second rung. I called him up just to try because chiqui had told me seconds earlier that she has seen dogs that can climb up ladders. He actually started climbing up the ladder. we didn't want him to get too high because he is kind of a clumbsy dog and who knows what could happen.

enjoy the video.

on another note, we had our first mascot's competition. The kids brought a range of animals from dogs to roosters and parrots. It was fun and the kids and community were excited. Here are a couple of photos of the contestants.

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