Thursday, April 1, 2010

No more truck...

Last Thursday we had a sad but good day...we were forced to sell the truck. Peru no longer would allow us into the country with the truck that we had purchased in Chile, but thankfully we had made a contact in November who was interested in buying it.

It's interesting how God works isn't it? When we needed the truck most during Chiqui's pregnancy and Matthew's first months we were blessed to have it. Now when we were forced to sell the truck we were able to within a day. We arrived in Arica, Chile on Wednesday afternoon and we were in Tacna by lunchtime on Thursday. Can't complain about that. In pesos we didn't ended up losing much money, but because of the fall of the Chilean peso a little bit since the date we purchased the truck we ended up losing around $900...not so bad for almost two years of use.

So we need a means of transportation soon and your prayers are needed and appreciated. Our options are the same as mentioned before:

1) Purchase in the US or in Chile and import into Peru
2) Purchase in Peru and not worry about the paperwork (but it costs a LOT more!!!), or
3) Receive a donated vehicle and import

Obviously, the 3rd option is our preferred option, but we know that it is difficult; moreso, with the economic crisis and the fact the it needs to have less than 49,000 miles and 5 years old or less.

We know God will open up a door for one of these options or maybe even surprise us with an option of his own.

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