Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Prayer for example of Giving

Please keep our financial support in your prayers.

Shortly ago we were informed by one of the two churches that support that they will no longer be supporting us because of the economy. They are a small church and have been hit hard so it is very understandable and we are grateful for the support they have shown us without even knowing each other too long nor having a longstanding relationship. They were over 10% of our monthly support.

And this week we were informed by our main supporter that we will be getting cut by 20%. We have a very long relationship and there are many factors involved, but the fact that they are 50% or more of our monthly support means a lot. We are very grateful for their support as well.

Please pray that God will open hearts and minds to see the great things He is doing here in Tacna and that support will grow and not diminish. We know that God brings support from where he desires...and we recently were able to see first hand.

After the earthquake in Chile, the church in Tacna was motivated to do what we can. We talked about different things we could try to do and God shut the door on a couple of ideas. Our initial goal was to try to raise around $600 between the three churches here in Tacna, and it seemed unlikely with the main event to raise money being cancelled. But God showed us once again the great things he is able to do and the church responded to His goodness towards them. With all the poverty and extreme poverty in our city, we were still able to raise way more than we had even ideally hoped was a God thing! In total the church was able to give about $1000 to help a small town in southern Chile, Iloca, after it was devastated by the earthquake and tsunamis.

So can God bring in more support than we hope for? Most definitely. And he has shown us once again that our faith in Him is not in vain.

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