Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fun Times with Poo!

matthew didn't poo for a week...but when he did he was on my lap in the living room and it was an explosion of great magnitude!

while changing him i saw poo on his back, his hands, his onezee, his pants, his shirt, and his sweater...it literary passed through all six layers. while taking his clothes off it got on the back of his neck, his hands, and his forehead and feet...cuz we all know how babies stay still when you change them.

when i "finished" i noticed it had also passed through all his layers onto my pants. took them off and there it was on my boxers. took them off and noticed it was on my leg also. so i was half naked and there I noticed another spot (or shot!). took off the shirt and i stood there in my socks with a pile of dirty poo'd on clothes of two sizes, baby and mens, with poo on my left thigh, stomach (actually passed through the huge happy trail), and on my chest...

and Matthew cracking up laughing the whole time!

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