Thursday, June 3, 2010


After the other night some of the old thoughts started coming back to me...

"Up to what point is violence okay?"

"Is violence okay?"

I was thinking the whole night about the event, but not so much in the best way. There is this innate thinking process that keeps me thinking about different ways that I could've handled it...sadly, I spent little time thinking about anything else but a violent ending. Maybe it was the excitement of the moment...maybe it was all the violence seen on TV and in movies being brought out of me through this moment.

What could it be?

The more I think about it I think about more bizarre outcomes...
How about inviting him for a bite to eat and giving him a couple bucks to do it? That would at least allow me to talk to him for a few minutes and try to plant a small seed that could make a tree of a difference, each branch reaching out to a part of his life. Maybe he would have said no and just kept on doing what he does. He probably still still is now, so what I did do hasn't changed much.

Anyway, God did not call us to change the world. We are to love and be a light and allow Him to do any changing the can be done. Did it feel good to do what I did? You bet it did! Do I think it was the best thing to do...let's just say I don't remember reading Jesus doing anything like that except to the religious.

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