Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oops! Cheese!

After a really long day I made it home and remembered that I forgot the cheese (that is not code, I really forgot the cheese!). So I hopped back on the motorcycle, which I have been using for a couple months while we try to find a car/van/truck/something, and headed back to the market last night.
There I was on the bike, first one in line, waiting for the light to turn green, and the unbelievable part of the night begins...

All of the sudden on the corner this guy jumps on the back of another guy and starts putting his hands in his pockets trying to rob him...just some foreshadowing, thieves really drive me crazy...and I just reacted. They were about 6-8 feet from me and I just got off the bike, left it in the middle of the street, took off my helmet, and just knocked the bajizzle out of this guy. He took off running and I caught up to him and grabbed him, then from behind I hear "let him go I got a knife." So I obviously just let him go and took a quick step to the other side of a car, look back and there were two guys with something small in their hands...fortunately it was just a small folded up paper.

They took off running, I bought the cheese and headed home with a great story for the family which is in town for Chiqui's grandma's 92nd birthday today! Fun ending to a long day! And the guy I saved didn't even say thank you...just kept on walking.

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