Wednesday, May 5, 2010


One of the tests of missionaries that do not receive much support must go through from time to time is keeping the faith and not worrying when supporters drop us or lower a good amount of their support. As most of you know, both of those things happened about a month ago. We received a letter from a small church that has been struggling financially the last few years and they will no longer be able to support us at all. Within 10 days we received a letter from our main supporter letting us know that 20% of our support will be going towards new works that have much need in their area. It came as a blow to us, but as we know and many reassured us, though we may want, God will never leave or abandon us...therefore, we will never be in want.

As so it goes, we were contacted by a friend who came down a couple times the last few years with Hope Christian Church in Tustin. He has since moved to the east coast and made a contact with his church to possibly begin supporting God's work here. It is a pretty long process, but get this...later on the same day as above, this new contact emailed us. It was like hearing a soft whisper from God, "Do not worry! I will never leave you nor forsake you." Even if this doesn't happen financially, God continues to reassure us.

Then a couple of weeks ago we were contacted by a good friend who has planted a church and they are interested in supporting as well.

We are confident in the holistic vision God has given us for the community of Tacna. God has blessed us with many great supporters who also believe in the work God has called us to complete with him, and he is opening the eyes of more and more people to see his merciful and loving hand at work here.

Please pray that God would reveal to these possible supporters if it is His will or not to form these relationships. I am almost certain about one and the other one I only have a feeling that God might be making the connection. Please pray his will in these situations.

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