Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010/2011 Projects

Medical Clinic $30,000+
Tacna has been blessed with a short-term missions team that comes yearly to set up two week medical clinics. The same church has taken the first step towards beginning a permanent clinic in Nueva Jerusalen, the poorest part of Tacna. Ebel is a peruvian doctor in the church and she has accepted the job to get this project moving forward. Please pray for the other 40% of the funding needed, between $30-50,000, either in materials or money.

Temple Guard Houses $15,000+
In Ciudad Nueva and especially in Nueva Jerusalen, we need to build the houses of the temple guards. They are currently living in their makeshift homes which aren't really intended to be lived in. We will need at least $15,000 to build both houses so that the families can live in better, proper houses.

Truck $15000+ or a donated truck under 5yrs old/48,000 miles
Nueva Jerusalen is located on the outskirts of Tacna and there is not public transportation to all places and during many hours. In order to get materials for any ministries the poorest of the three churches needs to pay high priced taxis. Also, many of the church members miss out on great seminars and preparation courses at two seminaries because they have no way to get to and from during night hours. In the future we envision having a farm in which the church in Nueva Jerusalen will probably be in charge of and they will also need to get back and forth.

Micro-business $18,000+/-
Hopefully Nueva Jerusalen will have a Hardware Store by the end of 2011. A micro-business will help the churches be more self-sustained, provide jobs, and better paying church employees. A hardware store would cost $18,000 to start up, but we are looking into other possibilities that could be helpful to lower the cost of ministries and also be a blessing to the community.

Micro-business Expansion $4000 or donated PC's
The success of the two current micro-businesses has encouraged us to expand the current business' to allow better pay for the workers, more income for the ministries, and lowering the running costs of the churches. We are looking to add a total of 8-10 computers.

Library in Nueva Jerusalen and Ciudad Nueva $2000+
With the blessing of having a small library in the Local Central church, the other two churches also have a desire to have the blessing of a library as well. The library has allowed many members and ministries to have books available to disciple, teach, and equip. Because we are attending a seminary here in Tacna we are allowed to get books at a discount between 35-45%. We hope to begin the two libraries with at least $1000 of books in each church.

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