Friday, July 9, 2010

Great times in Tacna!

Last night we had a lonche (light dinner with bread and tea) at the church with all the members interested in the future of the church and their involvement. In recent years when we have had meeting like this there would be 6 or sometimes up to ten people interested...last night we had nearly 20. They were all very excited and participating in the conversation, talking through ideas for the future, events that are coming up soon, and how they would like to be involved. It was definitely an encouraging moment after the last few up and down months with the youth group.

A few of the things we discussed that you could be praying for are:

1) Musicians: since the church was handed over to me to oversee we haven't had any musicians. It got complicated when we changed the service to the morning because it was better for everyone (literally). In the meeting 10 people wanted to learn something or begin singing and/or playing instruments for the Sunday service. The need created an opportunity and the church responded. Before when musicians came over from the other churches there was never the opportunity that had to be filled. Once again God responding and turning a difficult moment into an incredibly great moment.

2) 3 more people volunteered to support AWANA's and Sunday school with the children. Another prayer answered. We have been low on help, especially with AWANA's.

3) Unity: We decided as a group that we will be getting together every month and a half to share a meal after service. One of the women who has been a part of the church since the beginning has taken on the task of getting the event organized. She will plan what food everyone needs to bring, how much, and confirm everyone that will be participate. It is one more step toward a mature church that begins to take on tasks for themselves and move us forward.

God is good! I cannot say it enough. In the darkest and most difficult moments he always blesses us with a ray of light. As Habakkuk responded in difficult moments, "yet I will rejoice in the Lord, in the God of my salvation." We rejoice in those moments and now we rejoice yet even more. I cannot say it enough...God is good!

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