Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mayhem on the Horizon!!!

Just finished finals week at seminary.

July 23rd to 30th - Christ's Church of the Valley will be here to work their butts off!

July 30th to August 9th - In Lima and other towns with my dad and his wife. Their first time seeing Matthew and first time back since our wedding 5 years ago.

August 9th to 16th - Should have a great friend and his wife be here in Tacna to see the church and projects. He is a pastor and their church is almost positively going to support. Your prayers are welcomed anyways!

August 17th to 21st - We have to go back to Lima to do some paperwork in the embassy for Matthew and for my passport...I have two pages left and it expires within a year.

We have another great friend(one of my longest and best friends) and his wife trying to make it down here before August as well. Hopefully that happens!

In these up and down moments God has overloaded us with a lot of blessings through these visits. It is almost too much, but in this case that is impossible.

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