Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Invoking our inner Macho Man Randy Savage

Seriously, what would you do?

So we were waiting for the drunk guy to stumble past the car, when all of the sudden he starts yelling racist comments and stumbling toward the car.

Before I continue you have to imagine the scene.  We just came from a wedding, all dressed up, and we are taking some friends back to their house.  Our friends, an older grandma, a 30-ish mom, and her adolescent son are all sitting in the back of the mini-minivan.  My beautiful wife all dressed up and looking hot in shotgun.  We are parked on a very steep hill right in front of their house. And there we are laughing and talking a little in the car while our soon-to-be uninvited guest makes his way towards our mini-minivan party.  It is a Chevy N200

And we are back.  So this dude (or any other D-word you prefer to plug in) actually opens the door and reaches his hand in toward my wife, all the while yelling and screaming angrily.

Why?  Because I am white.  Seriously.  That was the only thing that made him angry (we will leave it at that for now).

Back to the question.  What would you do?

My reaction definitely won't end up on my highlight reel.  I immediately invoked my inner dad/husband/Macho Man Randy Savage instinct and in one step had the door open, I was around the front of the car, and had my fist clinched in on its way towards the soon to be victim.


All of this happens within a few seconds.  Then God intervenes, but it was the drunk lady "helping out" that yells "tu carro!  tu carro!"

And there is my car rolling backwards down the steep hill with my wife now sitting in the middle counsel (and the emergency brake causing the emergency).

An hour later.  Security.  Police.  Rocks thrown.  More drunks yelling.  Family home.  It's over.

So I got to thinking later in the early morning.  This guy wasn't angry because I am white nor because he was drunk.  This is just his outward expression of so much retained anger, hurt, and pain caused by years of suffering and impotence.  These moments of anger allowed him to be in "control" and actually have an effect on something.  Though it is negative and only makes things worse, these are the moments that allow him to feel alive and free.

It was a clear and vivid image of the work that still awaits.  God has great and mighty plans to change, restore, and transform us.  This man was face to face with one of God's ambassadors and unfortunately instead of restoration and transformation, there was only more pain and anger piling up on top of the dung pile called life.

Or maybe not.

So seriously, what would you have done?

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