Friday, February 13, 2015

Mom! Stop freakin' out!

When summer comes most people are excited.

Going to the beach.
Heading to the river.
A cookie dough ice cream dripping down your hand...or even an ice cream mustache!

Unfortunately, that is not usually the case for most families here in Tacna.  Summer means financial troubles are on the way.  School starts the first week of March and that means some families will be spending up to a couple months salary in order to pay for their children's school supplies.

It is a sad reminder.  Not so much of how good we have it, because we might not all have it that good, but rather how tough many other people do have it.

We have been blessed as a church and organization to provide help to over 30 families (over 60 children) with school supplies and an after-school program.  Alliance Exchange, a non-profit in the Boston area has been giving $3,000 a year to help this cause, but next year will be the last as they are closing down.  It has been great to be able to help out so many over the years, but now we are at a crossroads where we need to seek out more supporters and organizations that can partner with us.

We seek to eradicate poverty by educating children, thus providing the ability to move ahead.  Each sponsorship is a year closer to a child being enabled. Each child is a future family.   Each smile and A+ is blessed reminder that God is good and he is moving!

If you or anyone you know can help in any way (being a sponsor, knowing an organization, doing a fundraising activity, etc), please contact us for more information.  Thank you for reading this far down!

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